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Friday, January 18th, 2019

Kevin Burke

7:30 - $27 in advance, $32 day of show

Kevin Burke's fiddle playing has been at the forefront of traditional music since the 1970s. His far-reaching solo album, If the Cap Fits, and his work with such distinguished performers as Arlo Guthrie , Kate Bush , Christy Moore and the Bothy Band established him as a first class musician. Never one to be restricted by geography or genre, his decades-long career has seen several innovative collaborations with notable musicians of differing styles—Classical, Old Time, Bluegrass, Pop and Rock, as well as the Irish traditional music for which he is so well known.

Kevin has earned international acclaim in both Europe and America as a solo performer, a teacher and as a member of some of folk music's foremost groups, including the exciting Celtic Fiddle Festival and Ireland's long admired and respected Patrick Street . In 2007 he also set up his own record label, Loftus Music , which soon developed a reputation for excellence in both its musical output and its unique eco-friendly packaging.

His contribution to music has received formal acknowledgement on both sides of the Atlantic where he has been the recipient of several awards including Ireland's Gradam Ceoil (Traditional Musician of the Year, 2016), and a National Heritage Fellowship , the USA's highest honor for excellence in the folk and traditional arts. Kevin has also been honored by his adopted home state with his induction to the Oregon Music Hall of Fame .

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Tickets are $27 in advance, $32 day of show (including all service charges). They are also available by phone through Hold My Ticket at 505-886-1251.

Friday, January 25th, 2019

Duo Ver - Bruce Dunlap & Jon Gagan

7:30 - $20

Duo Ver will be performing original Dunlap compositions at GiG. Written over the past two years the music draws from jazz, classical and world influences, often simple melodies underpinned by intricate harmony and orchestral guitar parts. Dunlap is a 2018 recipient of the NM Governor’s Award For Excellence in the Arts.

Jon Gagan is best known as bassist for guitarist Ottmar Liebert. Along the way Jon has received three platinum and four gold records, four Grammy nominations, and toured in over 20 countries. Jon has performed with such luminaries as Dave Grusin, Eddie Daniels, Cedar Walton, and Eddie Harris among many others.

"Dunlap's highly structured orchestration and a fine introspective guitar sound produced a pronounced emotional charge … musical poetics and dynamic lyricism” -Masa Bogoje - (Croatia)

"Pianistic guitar virtuosity… accomplished work by a true jazz virtuoso." -Elusive Disc

"His beautifully constructed originals are harmonic in conception, brimming with colorful altered chords that catapult the music into new expressive heights. In the process Dunlap comes up with some unforgettable melodies -JAZZIZ

"A most amazing guitarist... Dunlap blew the audience's collective mind with a startling display of virtuosity, technical wizardry, and clarity." Jazz Now


Friday, February 15th, 2019

AZA - Music From Morocco!

7:30 - $20

Fattah Abbou and Mohamed Aoualou, the cofounders of AZA, a California based band, are joining the internationally known musician Brahim Fribgane to present a repertoire of music from North Africa. Their performances are  always  not to be missed opportunity. 

AZA unites traditional Tamazight (Berber) music, indigenous to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, with the global influences of its diverse members. Evocative of Saharan-African blues, yet with an original style that truly defies categorization, AZA’s stirring performances feature deep, danceable rhythms, intricate string melodies, and soaring, soulful vocals. Visually dynamic and engaging performers, AZA has been inspiring international audiences for more than 15 years.

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Saturday, February 16th, 2019

Bays & Coyne - Irish Fiddle & Bouzouki & Songs

7:30 - $20

Randal Bays and John Coyne bring power and passion to the traditional music of Ireland, playing the old music with an intensity not usually heard outside of a late night pub seisun in Ireland. Fiddle tunes, the reels and jigs that are the hallmark of the Irish tradition, plus a great selection of songs, a few stories, often a guest musician or dancer jumping in… all of this is delivered with a heartfelt wish to share the wild beauty of Irish music with their audience.

Randal Bays lives in Seattle and has been seriously obsessed with Irish fiddle music for… well, let’s say a very long time. He has recorded and toured in the US, Ireland and Europe with Martin Hays, Daithi Sproule, James Kelly, and many more. As FIDDLER Magazine says, “Randal Bays is one of the finest Irish fiddlers one could ever hope to hear.”

John Coyne hails from hails from Limerick, Ireland and has been resident in Boston for some years. His excellent bouzouki playing and fine singing have made him the “first call” accompanist for many great traditional musicians including Mary MacNamara, Mickey Dunne and Frankie Gavin.

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Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

Martha Scanlan & Jon Neufeldt

7:30 - $20

Anyone familiar with Martha Scanlan and Jon Neufeld’s unique alchemy on stage will not be surprised by way the Jon Neufeld’s brilliant innovative guitar playing weaves effortlessly around Martha’s timeless songwriting - it is simply magical.

They met playing together at Portland’s Indie Roots festival Pickathon in 2010, shortly before recording Tongue River Stories, a beautifully stark album of field recordings captured on film at the 120 year old family ranch where Martha was living and working in a remote corner of south east Montana.

“I wanted to record songs in the places where they were written; there is such a beautiful intimacy with the landscape in ranch work and in the place itself, stories inside of stories inside of stories…” This exploration of place and belonging has been a long running theme, but really came into focus while being immersed in old time music in East Tennessee “

The interwoven relationship between music and landscape, people and stories really impacted me, just this profound sense of belonging. I started writing songs there, songs about my own landscapes back home in Montana. I missed them.” After touring with the innovative old time string band Reeltime Travelers, those songs evolved into her debut solo album The West Was Burning. Recorded at Levon Helm’s barn in Woodstock, New York with Dirk Powell and Levon and Amy Helm, it was heralded as an instant classic, one of those rare albums that defies genre and generation. Touring the country and Europe solo, with North Carolina’s Stuart Brothers and in other various configurations eventually led to the collaboration with Jon Neufeld. After Tongue River Stories came The Shape Of Things Gone Missing, The Shape Of Things To Come, recorded in Portland with members of Black Prairie and The Decemberists. A featured album by World Café’s David Dye and No Depression’s Amos Perrine, the biggest criticism was that it was hard to find. Sometimes she’s hard to find, preferring to spend more time off the grid than on it. “I’m kind of wired for quiet places,” she admits.


Friday, March 8th, 2019

Joel Harrison's Free Country w Brian Blade, Chris Tordini, Christian Howes & Jon Cowherd

7:30 - $20

Joel Harrison w Brian Blade, Chris Tordini, Christian Howes & Jon Cowherd!

Brooklyn-based guitarist Joel Harrison's new recording, Angel Band, is the third CD in a series where Country and Appalachian music is recast in a modern jazz context.

In 2003 and 2004 Harrison recorded Free Country and So Long Second Street on the ACT label. These recordings, which featured Norah Jones, David Binney and others, seemed to defy any effort at categorization, marking Harrison as one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music. They were widely honored and many listeners wondered if Harrison would ever play this music again. He now revisits this concept with Angel Band, diverse and imaginative arrangements of timeless tunes by Bill Monroe, Bob Wills, Olabelle Reed, Johnny Cash, and more. Each song bears a unique imprint, where Country, African rhythms, R&B, avant garde, rock and psychedelia all conjoin.

Brooklyn- based Joel Harrison is one of the first artists to have worked towards bridging the worlds of jazz, classical, Americana, and music from India and Africa. Born in Washington D.C. the guitarist, composer, arranger, lyricist, vocalist and songwriter began his search for new sounds in the early 1980's with stints in Boston and the Bay Area. Named a Guggenheim Fellow in 2010, Harrison has long been recognized as a risk taker, someone who never stands still. He has released 20 CDs under his own name since 1994.

"Protean...brilliant" NY Times

Monday, March 11th, 2019

German Lopez

7:30 - $22 in advance, $27 day of show

Brilliant young star of the timple, a diminutive 5-stringed instrument intrinsic to music of the Canary Islands, Germán López touches audiences with original instrumental music from the Canary Islands. Germán harnesses the grit of Spanish flamenco, the structure of West African rhythms, the flourishing spirit of jazz, and an innovative 21st century approach to performing "island music." His principal instrument is one of the grandfathers of the ukelele, and part of the same instrumental family that includes the cavaquinho, the cuatro and the charango. Germán López's music has been praised for "entrancing" performances of "delicately rippling notes" (Huffington Post), notes that flow from musical traditions uniting Spain, Africa, and the New World.

Germán López was born in Gran Canaria in 1982. His musical studies begin at an early age, where he was accepted to study at the Conservatory of Music in Las Palmas at seven years of age. In the conservatory, Germán studied piano, music theory, and jazz studies. At the ripe age of ten years, he began to concertize publicly, notably collaborating with legendary timple virtuoso José Antonio Ramos. It was around this time that Germán developed a keen interest in the timple and other traditional Canary Island instruments. In addition to duo and ensemble concerts, Germán has also collaborated with symphony orchestras, including the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria in the "Teresa de Bolívar" festival. As both an educator and performer, Germán López has been awarded public prizes by the government of the Canary Islands on several occasions. 

At the end of 2007, the illustrious Womad festival shone a bright spotlight on Germán López, inviting him to take part on that year's festival program held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Since then he has continued to perform concerts all over the Canary Islands, mainland Spain, and continental Europe.


Tickets are $22 in advance, $27 day of show (including all service charges). They are also available by phone through Hold My Ticket at 505-886-1251.

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Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Peter Bradley Adams

7:30 - $22 in advance, $25 day of show


Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Peter Bradley Adams was one half of the duo Eastmountainsouth, and has since released six solo records. 

No Depression calls him "consistently eloquent," and the Wall Street Journalsays he's "one of the 21st Century writers whose songs are worth exploring."

There's a confidence, a completeness in the song cycle that listeners have gleaned throughout Adams' illustrious career, but A Face Like Mine, his sixth solo effort, brings it all into sharp focus. As Adams sees it, "On the long plod of finding my voice as a singer and a writer, the singing has slowly developed from the sound of a scared guy to someone who believes what he's saying and the writing, I hope, has become less rigid—both in the lyrics and the phrasing."

Less rigid, indeed. Adams' brand of Americana nestles his often delicate, always heartfelt voice in the warm embrace of gentle guitar, tasteful dobro, subtle banjo, supportive bass, and unhurried percussion. The result is a sonic scape that, in turn, wraps itself around the listener like a soft blanket on a cold day. With A Face Like Mine, Adams further refines the simple musical sophistication that has become his trademark.

Tickets are $22 in advance, $25 day of show (including all service charges). They are also available by phone through Hold My Ticket at 505-886-1251.

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Thursday, April 4th, 2019

FLATBED BUGGY w Rudy Royston, Gary Versace, John Ellis, Joe Martin and Hank Roberts

$20 - 7:30

FLATBED BUGGY w  Rudy Royston drums, Gary Versace accordian, John Ellis bass clarinet, Joe Martin bass and Hank Roberts cello.  

More info to follow. 

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

John Reischman & The Jaybirds

7:30 - $20 - Tickets at door

Like the powerful mandolinist and composer at its helm, John Reischman and the Jaybirds fashion a stylish take on bluegrass that seamlessly blends original songs and instrumentals with Appalachian old-time music for a truly unique band sound. Now in their 20th year, with seven acclaimed albums and two Juno nominations, the Jaybirds are simultaneously innovative and unadorned, sophisticated and stripped-down, happily old-fashioned and 21st-century contemporary.

Bluegrass Unlimited calls John Reischman “one of the world’s undisputed masters” of the mandolin, famed for outstanding tone and taste. Many of his dozens of original instrumentals have become popular favourites for sessions and covers, such as the jam standard Salt Spring. He has three critically-acclaimed solo instrumental albums and has recorded on many other projects, including the Grammy-winning True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill Monroe.

Friday, April 19th, 2019

Unison w Andy Milne, John H├ębert and Clarence Penn

7:30 - $20

During his vast career, pianist/composer Andy Milne has demonstrated boundless versatility, collaborating with artists spanning jazz, classical, pop, folk, and world music. “Unison” his trio featuring bassist John Hebert & drummer Clarence Penn, skillfully explores the intersection of colorful melody, exotic texture and hypnotic groove. This spring, they’ll record Milne’s debut on the ECM label.

For more than 20 years, pianist/composer Andy Milne has demonstrated boundless versatility, collaborating with dancers, visual artists, poets and musicians spanning jazz, classical, pop, folk, and world music. With this group, Milne returns to his first love. Enriched with creative insights from all his projects, he rediscovers the intimacy of the piano trio. A former student of Oscar Peterson, Milne has performed with a range of artists including Cassandra Wilson, Ralph Alessi, and Bruce Cockburn among many others. Milne was at the center of the M-BASE Collective as a core member of saxophonist Steve Coleman’s bands during the 1990s.
He is also well known for his ground breaking group, the highly-acclaimed, Dapp Theory.

“Unison” includes the highly sought after New York bassist, John Hébert and Clarence Penn, one of the most in-demand jazz drummers in the world.